For over 7000 years ago it was believed that Gold mining began as discovered from the graves of necropolis and since then mining has grown something beautiful as nations of the world rely on gold for the safety of their financial system. Mining was previously characterized by digging through earth to find precious metals but today owing to the Bitcoin Technology, we now have mining which involves not digging earth rather but solving mathematical puzzles which carries its’ own reward. With the astronomical growth in the number of coins/crypto projects, mining has become a lucrative industry but the effect of mining has now resulted in unintending consequences such as unprecedented increase in energy consumption. Green Energy has been considered to be an alternative however, it has not been fully developed for commercial application in the crypto mining industry and the general world at large. This and several reasons informed the creation of EcoGEM — EcoGEM Club. To provide green energy not just for cryptocurrency mining and global consumption but also involved in setting up smart systems with its expert team highly skilled in these areas.

The EcoGEM Club also seeks to mine select prospective coins and gain substantial reward from such coins before a wide spread adoption by the cryptocurrency mining community. The EcoGEM ecosystem is comprised of two folds/group of memberships in its’ club. one are those who are able to physically visit both a mining farm such as in an excursion or usual attendance while the other via a virtua social media where one can find or research facility as supported by the EcoGEM Club. Where the EcoGEM power generation site is operational, a fully functional guest house for visitors or members of the club is present and members can lodge therein. To this it also adds a trading hub for mining spare. The EcoGEM Ecosystem is an energy revolutionary design with a unique viable business model which through its Clean Energy production will give a new name to the cryptocurrency mining industry and the general world at large.